What We Offer

Healthcare Request understands that NSW healthcare organisations have differing staffing requirements and needs that are as individual to the facility as well as to the sectors they work within. Our aim is to ensure we meet the individual needs of our clients with service flexibility and cost efficiencies whilst maintaining quality and adding value to organisations.

Healthcare Request is recognised as a leader in its field having held several key contracts as a lead provider and various other successful relationships with different organisations, sites and clients throughout NSW since its inception.

With a proven reputation in the healthcare industry for quality staff and rigorous recruitment methodologies and credentialing processes, we can confidently ensure that only the highest quality and experienced staff are supplied to the organisations, sites and clients we work with.

The success of Healthcare Request to provide a relentless commitment to leading the industry is underpinned and achieved through simple, effective and robust service delivery mechanisms.

The way in which we achieve
this is described by the following words:


  • Responsiveness
  • Quality of staff and Service
  • Safety and risk management
  • Commitment and loyalty to our clients and candidates
  • Specialisation and Focus
  • Innovation
  • With our office operating 24/7